Mindfulness & Full Value

Mindfulness & Full Value

Mindfulness training and practice for students and staff has attained increasing acceptance and popularity in the public schools.  However it is often used without context, that is, not utilized to support a more systemic shift in school culture and climate.  Mindfulness practiced in isolation certainly provides students with strategies to become more centered, to better manage anxiety, and to improve concentration.  However, these are only small elements of a larger potential when embedded within Full Value Norms and Commitments.

Mindfulness is a perfect companion to Full Value and social emotional learning as it offers techniques that enhance our inner ability to practice the Full Value norms. The Full Value School approach infuses mindfulness concepts and practice into all aspects of its program. Mindfulness can be looked at through the lens of the Full Value Commitment, the role mindfulness plays in developing the CASEL five social and emotional competencies, and how its practice supports a safe and effective school community. The table below illustrates the contact points between Full Value and mindfulness.

Full Value & Mindfulness

Be Here Well that’s what all this mindfulness stuff is about.  If you are not here where are you?
Be Safe You could also say be kind or be gentle for this value. The development of mindfulness should not be done with force.
Be Honest What is really going on? What is the truth?
Set Goals You need to set goals to develop this most important practice. It won’t just happen.
Let Go and Move on You let go so you can move into the present and allow yourself to be here.

Care for Self and Others


Why else are we doing this practice? To take care of ourselves so we can take care of others. This is the development of compassion, empathy and loving kindness.


All of our Full Value training modules provide a range of exposure to mindfulness practice.  For the schoolwide program teachers receive sufficient training to be able to integrate mindfulness with the social emotional learning methods of Full Value.