The Fully Valued Educator

The Fully Valued Educator:
A mindfulness and experiential approach to self care

Designed for educators with the intention of supporting their educational experience by practicing mindfulness and self care, this training will establish a community of mutual support based on the Full Value Commitment (FVC). The FVC consists of six principles that provide a lens into wellness and practice that promote stress reduction, awareness, emotional intelligence, self-compassion and compassion for others, and empathy. This introductory workshop will explore and encourage the development of Mindfulness, the deliberate, investigative form of awareness that can offer individuals a way to come off “automatic pilot.” Through activity, and discussion, participants will experience this scientifically proven and life changing practice.


Full Value Commitment Wellness Concepts
BE HERE Meditation and Mindfulness
BE SAFE Physical and Emotional Well Being
BE HONEST Integrity, Trust and Values
SET GOALS Intention into action
LET GO AND MOVE ON Acceptance and Forgiveness
CARE FOR SELF AND OTHERS Empathy and Compassion