Full Value at Your School

Full Value at Your School

Implementation of Full Value is highly individualized depending on the needs of the school or district. The process begins with a collaborative effort to identify school or district needs. A number of questions need to be asked:

• What social emotional programs currently exist and how will they successfully continue under the umbrella of Full Value?
• What is the level of staff commitment? This will determine the degree of program implementation. A program may be created for a district, a school, a grade level, or a classroom.
• What are the available funding resources? This will determine the number of staff to be trained and students who are served. Funding will include training, printed materials, and supplies.
• What is the plan for sustainability?
• When can training occur and how will content be customized?
• Who will participate in the training?
• Should this include only administration and teaching staff, or also extend to support staff?
• What should the minimal length of training be? This may be tied to the availability of funding resources

Understanding the crucial importance of academic excellence, the development of leadership potential, and the mission of the school to educate the whole child, our experienced facilitators will partner with the administrative team and instructional staff to effectively realize your identified goals.

What Our Clients Say

“I found the relaxation techniques very interesting and useful. I found your knowledge of brain/body connections so fascinating. It is evident you have a love for your profession.”

“Thank you for providing a safe, enjoyable professional development day. I had fun! Thank you!”

“I knew that I had already formed some strong bonds in just one day with some teachers from other buildings I didn’t even know.  I knew that whatever I was involved in was going to change my life.”

The implementation of Full Value in your school or district may take many forms, depending on your needs. It can be used as a standalone comprehensive K-12 program, or introduced in a building or grade level. If current programs already exist Full Value can be used to effectively knit together different approaches to provide a systemic intervention with a common language and experiential base.

Trainings typically start with a one or two day exposure of key concepts to the administrative team followed by a four day training of all staff (in groups of 24) who will be implementing the program with students.

The workshop design and trainings are completely customizable depending on your school or district’s needs. The staff of Full Value Communities will work with you to meet your individual goals and objectives. Contact us to further explore the possibilities!