The Fully Valued Educator Retreat

The Fully Valued Educator Retreat:
A three-day retreat to relate, relax, and recharge.

This expanded version of the Fully Valued Educator provides intensive activity based training for educators to immerse themselves in a Full Value Community. This will integrate mindfulness and other contemplative practices that promote self-care. It will establish a community of support based on the Full Value Commitment (FVC). The FVC consists of six principles that will provide a lens into wellness and the practices that promote stress reduction, awareness, emotional intelligence, self-compassion, compassion for others, and empathy.

Full Value Commitment    Wellness Concepts    
BE HERE Meditation and Mindfulness
BE SAFE Physical and Emotional Well Being
BE HONEST Integrity, Trust and Values
SET GOALS Intention into action
LET GO AND MOVE ON Acceptance and Forgiveness
CARE FOR SELF AND OTHERS Empathy and Compassion

Participants will:

  • engage in activity, reflection, and discussions to begin their journey toward more effective self care
  • create personal and professional goals using an evidenced based methodology to promote long term self care
  • form a community of support that will continue beyond the retreat
  • engage in group work that encourages authentic interactions
  • co-create a list of behaviors that support self care and identify the distractors that can get in the way (Full Value Commitment)
  • participate in daily mindfulness practices