The Full Value School

The Full Value School:
Developing an emotionally safe and effective classroom

What is a Full Value School Community?

A culture and climate where students and faculty interact with each other to create and maintain a focused, productive, and collaborative community.  The community utilizes effective skills and practices to encourage meaningful participation in the life of the school. Specific tools include experiential learning, adoption of the Full Value Commitment, calling group, control to empowerment, integration of mindfulness, and the use of SMART and 4 Square goal setting.

The community is formed around six foundational principles:

Be Here:  Fully engaged in all aspects of the learning process
Be Safe:  Be careful with each other’s emotional and wellbeing
Be Honest:  Act with courage and integrity
Set Goals:  Define and commit to measurable, achievable goals
Care for Self and Others: Nurture the development of empathy and compassion
Let Go and Move On:  Resolve conflicts and accept that mistakes can lead to growth

This workshop will:

  • introduce the Full Value Commitment (FVC) and its six principles
  • explore the research around psychological safety and achievement
  • identify and practice co-created group norms
  • understand the connection between FVC and SEL
  • Introduce the Control to Empowerment model
  • introduce the concept of calling group, student self-regulation, and classroom management
  • utilize experiential learning in developing a classroom FVC
  • draw connections to CASEL Core Competencies