The Compassionate Competitor

The Compassionate Competitor:
High performance - low stress

Compassionate Competitor (CC) is an experientially based training created for coaches focused on the inner workings of athletes and reaching their optimal performance. The traditional “win at all cost” mentality has created an alarming increase of anxious, depressed, and joyless young athletes. This traditional fixed mindset also interferes with overall performance and wellbeing. Current research focusing on the concept of self compassion has shown promise in helping athletes deal with the emotional turmoil around mistakes, injuries, and competition. The training is based on recent findings and practices found in neuroscience, mindfulness, and performance psychology. The program will include instruction, discussion, and experiential learning opportunities including mindfulness and other performance practices, new games, problem solving initiatives, and the use of a challenge ropes course. The overall framework for the program is the Full Value Commitment (FVC). The FVC helps create an overall safe climate for collaborative group interactions, self exploration, and pushing beyond perceived limitations. 

Participants will:

  • use a variety of research based practices that promote focus and stress reduction
  • understand the science behind optimal performance and getting into the ‘zone’
  • learn to calm the inner critic and recover effectively from mistakes and setbacks
  • practice Emotional Intelligence Competencies
  • gain leadership and collaborative skills
  • develop goal setting skills and a concrete plan to reach these goals
  • provide support for reaching established personal goals and sustaining community wellness