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So What is a Full Value Community?

So What is a Full Value Community? There is an activity called “Crossing the Mall.” It’s pretty simple, really, but the outcomes can be revealing. Get your group in a large circle and explain they are to imagine being in a large shopping mall. Ask them to cross the circle and find a spot on the other side. The first time they cross, participants should go out of their way to ignore each other. On the second trip they would show some sign…

The Cranford Public Schools has adopted Full Value as its focus for social-emotional learning. 

It has been wonderful to partner with them to create a culture and climate that supports their efforts. 

This video was created by schools administrators Darren Torsone and Lisa Burfeindt to share key concepts with district staff at the beginning of the school year.  

We appreciate Cranford's permission to share this meaningful work.